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Picture of Giulio Andreini Giulio Andreini was born in Siena (Italy) on 1959.
He is a freelance photojournalist based in Italy. He is specialized in geographic, ethnological and news reportage. His photos and stories have been published in the leads geographic and news European and international magazines such as Geo, Focus, Smithsonian Magazine, Viajes National Geographic, Il Corriere della Sera, L'Equipe, El Mundo, Rutas del Mundo, El Pais, Merian, Volta ao Mundo, Elle, National Geographic spanish edition. He studied anthropology at the university in Italy and graduated with a photographic study on the human gestural communication.
From 1988 to 1992 he worked as a photographer for the book department of the Touring Club Italiano and the geographic magazine Vie del Mondo published by Touring Club Italiano with the partnership of Traveler Magazine of National Geographic Society and produced different stories in Greece, Jugoslavia, Germany, Philippines and Italy. He traveled along South America. In 1991 he worked on assignment as a photojournalist in Argentina and produced the monographic book "Argentina" for the Touring Club Italiano.
In 1995 he worked in Brazil where he covered different cultural aspects of the country including a story on the Brazilian baroque architecture. In 1999 he produced for the Corriere della Sera a reportage about the Knights of Malta who were celebrating 9 centuries after the foundation. In 2001 he worked in Dubai and in Jamaica where he covered the "Sum Fest" (the international Reggae Festival). In 2002 he worked in Hong Kong during the Chinese New Year's Day celebrations. In 2003 he worked in Malaysia about a story concerning the local traditions and the natives. In 2004 he was in Serbia to make a reportage about Belgrado after the war. In 2005 He worked in Belfast, North Ireland. In 2006 he worked in Romania which was going to become a member of the European Community.
Every year he produces new reportages for the Italian and international press. For the complete list please look at "Archives".

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